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Power Factor Correction - (Power Capacitors)
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Power Factor Correction - (Power Capacitors)
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Power Factor Correction (PFC).

If you are already familiar with power factor correction, move to PFC and CEC below. However, if you want to know more about how PFC effects you, then read on.

What is PFC.

Electric power has two components: active power which produces work, and reactive power which is needed to generate magnetic fields required for the operation of inductive electrical equipment but performs no useful work. Active power is measured in KW. Reactive power is measured in KVAR. Total power is measured in KVA. The ratio of working (active) power to total power is called Power Factor. Power Factor Correction capacitors increase Power Factor by supplying reactive power when installed at or near inductive electrical equipment. This makes it unnecessary for the utilities to supply reactive power thus reducing their generation and transmission costs and lowering your electricity bill. The local source for reactive power also increases the amount of the connected load by as much as 20% without having to increase the size of transformers, conductors and protective devices. 

People do not normally have to worry about PFC because most equipment that can cause an imbalance comes fitted with the relevant capacitors to rectify as near possible any PF issues.

PFC and CEC.

CEC can offer a full range of Power Factor Correction equipment. 

Correct monitoring and correction of these imbalances in your power supplies can save a great deal of money on your energy bills. If you think you are using too much electricity or think your system does not have any form of PFC, then call CEC Power Management who will arrange a free initial survey and report.

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